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We are an alliance dedicated to crushing the Natars, clearing our enemies armies from the field, and building that stupid WW!
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PostSubject: Application   Application I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 08, 2010 12:39 pm


Please start a new thread with your in game name as the title. At the bottom of this screen simply hit NEW and a new thread will be opened for you.

Copy and paste into an IGM with your info included:

***Insert link to your travian s1 profile.***

-Why are you interested in our group?

-Pop and start date on this server:



-Number of Villages:

-Number of 15/9 croppers:

-When do you plan on your next village:

-What is your strategy for building your village

-Do you consider yourself an offensive or defensive player?

5. How many attacks have you received in the past 72 hours?

6. How many attacks have you sent in the past 72 hours?

7. Are you aggressive or a simmer?

-Do you use gold?

-If leaving another alliance, which alliance, and why you're leaving

8. What are your goals for this server? Do you plan to play through end game?

9. Any comments about general travian strategy --If being attacked/farmed, name of attacker(s) and alliance(s):

-Endgame Experience. If yes provide details

-Do you have a problem with a sitter being assigned to you:

-How many hours a day are you on travian:

-How often do you log in:

-Please tell us anything else that may help us to decide on you, like special talents, awards etc. Unique contact with certain alliance:

10. List the servers you have played on and the acct names you used.

***Thanks again for showing an interest in us and we look forward to learning more about you. Your application will be reviewed by our alliance, and the Recruiter will get back to you in 72 hrs.***
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