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We are an alliance dedicated to crushing the Natars, clearing our enemies armies from the field, and building that stupid WW!
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PostSubject: Alliance Application   Alliance Application I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 20, 2010 3:13 am


here is my request for alliance membership. I have copied and pasted your questions on the main page and have provided an answer to each.


-Why are you interested in our group?

Your alliance members seem to be of a higher grade and quality than most. I enjoy my current alliance but i feel as though I'm being slowed down by the team. I was at the top of my alliance with only with only 191 pop last week. I believe I joined the alliance too quickly and too soon. I've spent some of the past week helping out weaker members, which I don't mind, but is slowing me down and the experience most of the members have is too limited to be able to see a consistent growth.

They have weekly obligatory goals of Raiding, but a little too high for the beginning to be able to develop a solid base towards a successful long term goal. The issue I feel is that many of the players are not as experienced. I'm totally into team work, but eventually team work must pay off to grow collectively and not to slow down ~

-Pop and start date on this server:

I started on June 23rd, and I have a 210 pop




37|-27 (2 fields to the east of your member Enzio Firenze)

-Number of Villages:

1 for now

-Number of 15/9 croppers:

none yet

-When do you plan on your next village:

my second village will be built within the next 3 weeks, once I've increased my resource fields to lvl 10, with a solid base defense.

-What is your strategy for building your village

so far I've got lvl 6 & lvl 7 resources fields. Once I bring up my fields to lvl 10 (except crops, to lvl 8/9) then it will make sense to start building my second village. I will also need to have a fairly high city wall lvl (10) and mainly use lego/ptr's as defensive troops. (approximately 50 of each). A few scouts posted as well, to avoid being scouted and to scout enemies.

-Do you consider yourself an offensive or defensive player?

I'm more of a defensive player, but know how to play my fair share of offense.

5. How many attacks have you received in the past 72 hours?

none, and i believe i have lost less than 30 resources of each since the beginning of the game (ironically by Firenze only).

6. How many attacks have you sent in the past 72 hours?

10 attacks and have raided a total of 5,861 resources.

7. Are you aggressive or a simmer?

aggressive when attacking, but simmer enough to have patience and build up troops for the right attacking opportunity.

-Do you use gold?

yes i do, i had gotten a D pkg at the beginning but try to moderate the use only mainly for immediate constructions when my construction slots are full (one of each minimum) and resources available for more buildings.

-If leaving another alliance, which alliance, and why you're leaving

Trae is the current alliance I'm in, and as per my previous comments I believe I will contribute my skills much better by joining an alliance with a higher experience and skill level. Although there is great communication in between the members, but I always feel a small lack.

8. What are your goals for this server? Do you plan to play through end game?

yes, definitely. I also currently play on the USspeed server and am part of the WGF alliance, which won the last USspeed server (but i was not with them at the time).

9. Any comments about general travian strategy --If being attacked/farmed, name of attacker(s) and alliance(s):

I am not being farmed by anyone, and all my incoming attacks have ceased altogether it's been over a week or maybe almost 2. Besides, if someone were to get farmed at this level of the game, then it would not be a very good sign.

-Endgame Experience. If yes provide details

Unfortunately no end-game experience, except for the current USspeed server which end-game is nearing and we have already started preparations for.

-Do you have a problem with a sitter being assigned to you:

I have no problems with sitters, as long as we have a mutual agreement on the plan of action. My status on my accounts are always blue and maybe temporarily green when i travel.

-How many hours a day are you on travian:

approximately "always", actively about 2 or 3 per day in total (managing my villages on the Speed Server) and keeping track of my US1 account.

-How often do you log in:

approximately every hour or every 4 hours at most. Occasionally I will let it go up to 6 hours if I sleep through my timer alarm.

-Please tell us anything else that may help us to decide on you, like special talents, awards etc. Unique contact with certain alliance:

I'm still new to Travian, I have only started playing last year in September. I've gone through many strategy guides and have learned much from alliance members. Also, we have just started to ready ourselves for end-game on the USspeed server as we are nearing the end.

the server began beginning of April and I joined end of May. I currently have 5 villas, 2711 pop, rank 998, 5722 troop count (incl. over 1300 Eq. Caes.), 4 oasis. We also use in our aliance gettortools, mibbit etc... i have lost over 5,000 troops defending against rival alliance so far. My ATT score is 2646 and my DEF score is 16137.

10. List the servers you have played on and the acct names you used.

I've playing US1 and USspeed all using Cailen. I deleted my US6 at the time because it was not possible for me in to continue and be successful in the game, as I joined too late. My first accounts were on US7, US5 and US4 as Elvy or DK, but these were for practice and I've been eliminated or deleted them due to large alliance taking me down in a the space of a few hours or farming me.

My current 2 accounts are Cailen on both USspeed and US1.
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Alliance Application
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