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We are an alliance dedicated to crushing the Natars, clearing our enemies armies from the field, and building that stupid WW!
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 Aplication to get in

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PostSubject: Aplication to get in   Aplication to get in I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 23, 2010 12:07 pm

IGN - Wuzup = its a dual actt

Why are you interested in our group?

Rather be in a experience alliance then a noob alliance

-Pop and start date on this server:
started a week after server started at 182 pop


[x|y]-14 -101[/x|y]

Number of Villages:
1 atm

-Number of 15/9 croppers: Plan to have 3 15 c 2 9c

When do you plan on your next village

within the next week gauls are slow process

What is your strategy for building your village
Getting Town hall up asap to start throwing partys because partys = Cp cp = more villages morevillages = more resources

Do you consider yourself an offensive or defensive player?
I have played both curently defensive coordinator on srv2 while playing offense and played defensive on srv5 so i am open there.

How many attacks have you received in the past 72 hours?


6. How many attacks have you sent in the past 72 hours?
like 30

Are you aggressive or a simmer?
Agressive hate simmers which is why offensive is so fun

-Do you use gold?
Yea i have a dual so np there ever

-If leaving another alliance, which alliance, and why you're leaving

Well daily MM about Nonsense like why you are leaving and who in thier right mind MMs out battle grps and whos in them and what thier function is to me that stuff is previewed to the people that are in that certain battlegrp. To me it show a sign of noobness.

8. What are your goals for this server? Do you plan to play through end game?

Well we Planned on having either the large end game hammer or a large anvil and a TT ghost hammer depended what the alliance needed

9. Any comments about general travian strategy --If being attacked/farmed, name of attacker(s) and alliance(s): None just want to be on the winning team

-Endgame Experience. If yes provide details
Curently me and my dual are Running a WW on server 2 its in the lead and i pray its over soon lol but yea we have endgame experience.

-Do you have a problem with a sitter being assigned to you:
No but we are a dual acct we started slow do to feeding the WW but yea we are picking it up and are on different time zones so we have np being on the acct alot.

-How many hours a day are you on travian:

Between me and my dual we are on atleast 20 to 24 hrs a day

How often do you log in

Every second we can Travian is life lol

Please tell us anything else that may help us to decide on you, like special talents, awards etc. Unique contact with certain alliance:
I gotten a few awards on srv2 being offensive on server 5 i was a anvil anvils get no glory lol

10. List the servers you have played on and the acct names you used.

I am Curently in WVF on server 2 IGM is temande i am the defensive coordinator for that Alliance

I am also on server 5 as a dual On the Zman Acct. we actually run the alliance Ratan lol

I do not all my duals names from past servers but she is Beccafrog on Server 2 and is in Wvf also and is a dual on the Dark Intentieons act In ratan lol and defensive Coordinator

I do want to make clr we do not want to be in leadership we want a break from that we want to sit back be aggressieve and help bring our alliance to a win in any way possible.

Team Wuzup

Joey and Becca

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Aplication to get in
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